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This project was to create a new brand identity for the startup of Muse. Muse is committed to creating provocative, intelligent movies that entertain. It will partner with the brightest and most talented artists, writers, directors, actors and others to create movies that will be seen as iconic and classic movies of their era. 


Prior to the creation of the final logo, we had to create 24 different concepts that could go with the company Muse. 


The Muse logo shows everything that they are as a company. Creating the text in different incomplete strokes and shapes is a artistic and individualistic approach. It creates a harmony of pieces coming together. It is abstract, yet dynamic. The logo is created in a professional, innovative way that works with what the company stands for as it is a independent film company.  The logo is made in a sophisticated way that intrigues the audience to engage with it. They are a independent film company and the idea was to bring artists, writers, directors, actors and the audience together to feel like one.