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This project required students to redesign DesignThinkers. DesignThinkers is the graphic design conference for professionals in the marketing and communications sectors who think deeply about design, its place in and relevance to the industry and how it is impacted by and is impacting on other disciplines. Every year DesignThinkers includes a completely different group of speakers on a wide range of topics relevant to the design field. The look and feel of DesignThinkers is reinvented every year.


  • Conference promotional poster

  • Delegate identification badge 

  • Conference program

  • Conference animation

Creative Rational 

My concept for the Design Thinkers 2016 conference revolves around the idea of coming together to celebrate design. I made this idea come to life using string because it represents each designer and where their line or journey came from. The strings all begin at different areas but end in the same place, representing the Design Thinkers conference. 



My idea behind the badge was that each guest would get a badge, a little bag of string, and a pin. Then they are encouraged to create their own string design on their badge. 



* I was honoured to win a prize with this project to go to one day of the DesignThinkers Conference 2016.