Students were assigned to create a packaging design for a new caffeinated chocolate bar called Torq. This candy bar will have all the appeal of a candy bar – chocolate, caramel and peanuts but have an added energy kick. To be consumed as a after school snack – while hanging with friends or a snack on the way out for the evening to movies, sports, video games or for older kids – the clubs. The primary target audience is males 12 – 27 yrs.


Identity + Packaging Design

Completed At

OCAD University


The concept behind my process revolves around the word 'Torq' which means, "a turning or twisting force." I wanted the background to have a twisting, circling effect while the letters at the front are starting to explode from the force behind it. I chose the colour blue for my chocolate bar because the target audience it men and there aren't many chocolate bars in the market that are blue. 

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